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Earth Day

Save the earth to save the living world on this planet

Earth day was celebrated at our school to prove and carry forward the task that we are consciously aware of our existence as a thread within the whole web called Nature and not the creators. The events organized were a conscious effort to teach the young minds to develop compassion and mindfulness for all species of life and earnestly pledge to return the habitats back to them which had to bear the result of technology and modernization. Following activities were conducted to mark the celebrations

Class I
Drawing and Colouring
Class II
Badge Making
Class III
Pledge Cards
Class IV
Slogan Writing
Class V
Earth Day logo with messages
Class VI
Add Nutrition to your life
Class VII
What’s New on My Earth
Class VIII
Global Warming
Class IX
Best Out of waste
Class X
Methods to Conserve Earth

Republic Day Celebration

The 64th Republic Day of India was celebrated at our School with a great deal of patriotic zeal and fervour. The day began with the unfurling of the National Flag followed by National Anthem. The students saluted the National Flag and Pledged themselves to uphold the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”. The colourful and patriotic presentation by students was real feast for our head and heart. The Patriotic song and varied dance performances brought forward the essence and spirit of Indianness. The students of class X performed a play on Swachh Bharat campaign in which they demonstrated the importance of cleanliness.

Finally, the programme concluded with the Principal delivering words of patriotism and wisdom by quoting great leaders. She wished that worldwide students grow up as responsible citizens and remain connected to their roots.

Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and promise to make it a better place for all Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at school celebrated christmas as a happy time for our children. Our little children of I and II celebrated the day with great enthusiasm. To mark the celebration they sang Christmas carols and also enjoyed the following activities.

1. Movie ‘Frozen’ was shown.

2. Christmas trees, stars and santa shoes (were made by the students of Class I).

3. Santa Claus, Christmas bells and Greeting Cards (were made by the students of Class II.)

Food Carnival

Food Carnival – a unique platform of food fest where culinary skills blend in perfection and master piece is created. From Juniors to Seniors, each class prepared its own stall. For the parents, it was a treat free of cost.

The menu comprised of ‘ Bhel puri’, ‘Chaat Papri’, ‘Aloo Tikki’, ‘Kashmiri Kahwa’, ‘Vegetable Noodles’, ‘ Pav Bhaji’, Shahi Paneer and Parantha and ‘ Chana Bhatura’. In dessert we had ‘Shahi Tukra’ and ‘Gajar ka Halwa’. Students also showcased their dancing talent by grooving on different dance numbers. The special attraction was LUCKY DIP!. and other games which everyone enjoyed. Parents tried their luck at wining gift hampers. Everyone relished and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Constitution Day celebrated

Constitution Day also known as “Samvidhan Divas” is celebrated in India on 26th November since 2015. On this day in 1949, constituent Assembly on India adopted the constitution of India which later came into effect on 26th January 1950. Previously this day was celebrated as “Law Day”.

To mark the celebration, a special assembly was organised where in the mass reading of the Preamble to the Constitution was done.


The celebration of Diwali, ‘The festival of lights’ came alive at our school when the whole school wore a festive look with Diyas and Lanterns adoring the corridors in bright colours.

Management and staff celebrated Diwali with fervor seeking the blessings of Mahalaxmi, wishing brightness, prosperity and joy to all the members of “Angels Parivar”.

On this auspicious day, The Managing Director, Mrs. Sanjiwan Mehar also distributed gifts as token of love to all the staff members.


“The essence of all religions is one, only their approaches are different”.

A common tenet of Hinduism is “Sarva Dharma Sambhava” which literally means that all Dharmas are equal.They are merely different paths to God or the same spiritual goal. Keeping this in mind the 15th Sarv Dharma Bhajan Sandhya was organized on 22nd October 2016. Its significance in the School relates to inculcating religious tolerance among students, thereby, teaching them the values of secularism and reverence. Bhai Mahavir Sharma, Prabhash Kumar Jha and gifted members of our staff recited Bhajans from all religious texts.


Scholastic organised a book fair in the School Premises on Saturday 1st October 2016 for the parents as well as students . Variety of books were on the display including fictional stories, encyclopedia, puzzles ,activities books etc. It gave an opportunity to look for differenet genre of the books and buy them.


Janamashtami was celebrated in the school by class I and II on Wednesday, 24th August 2016. Children came dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha. Significance of the festival was told to the children. A cradle of Lord Krishna was made.

ACTIVITIES: Flutes and Matkis were made and decorated with glitters and mirrors.