We are committed to provide academic excellence and comprehensive education

Annual Report


Good quality education is the foundation of new discoveries, New knowledge and innovation that triggers growth and prosperity of the individual as well as that of a nation. For this, we need to make our curriculum and pedagogy relevant to the needs of our society and economy and nurture qualities of problem solving , creative thinking, and confident self – expression from a young age.

Academic pre-emminence in today’s educational scenario continues to be an important yardstick, though no longer the only one, of the school’s superlative performance.

It is gratifying to announce that we achieved Excellent result in the Sec. & Sr. Sec. this year.

In the field of Co-curricular activities, we participated in all the zonal competitions conducted by DoE & CBSE. I proudly announce that we have won accolades in all the fields. Our students have proved their mettle and have bagged First positions in the Literary. Cultural and  Sports competitions . Further qualifying for Inter District and then the State Level. 

  1. Inter House Competitions

The school looks at each learner as a unique ‘Whole person’ with inherent genius, special capabilities & unlimited potential. By providing a conducive & encouraging environment the learners are mentored to participate in a variety of competitions.  These competitions are first held at    the class level both in English and Hindi


       Activities conducted are

Recitation             General Quiz        

Declamation         Computer Quiz

Debate            Power Point Presentation

Spellthone          web desigining

Paper Reading


Book Reviews

Role Play



The results of all these competitions are made available to the parents on the School Website. 

  1. Our Annual Features

 Annual Science and SUPW Exhibition  –  The socially useful Productive Work is tailored to meet individual student need & they generally include a focus on basic academic skills with shift towards more functional programming & preparing students for independent living & working. Our School adapts to this revolution in education. The Annual Science and SUPW Exhibition was held on a mammoth scale and greatly applauded by the parents.

Annual Food Carnival :

In the flamboyant and alluring environment, the students of the  Home Science Department  displayed their proficiency in various culinary skills. The delicacies are made by the students with the assistance of their teachers and served to their parents. For the Junior School we have the provision of cooking without fire. I can proudly say that we are the only ones to organize this event.  

Bhajan Sandhya :

The 14th Sarv Dharam Bhajan Sandhya was organized with an objective to promote secularism, develop religious tolerance & understanding for peaceful co-existence. It was dedicated to Col Sir on his 8th  Puniya Thithi. Prayer was conducted in the morning.

 School Clubs

          Green Gold – Eco Club

The eco- friendly activities of the club     help in creating environmental awareness.


Cleanliness Drive  

Tree Plantation

Say No to PolyBags

Rally on Conservation of Energy

 Literary Club

   Language skills act as catalyst and the club activities enhance the creative abilities of the students.


Creative Writing

Personality Development

One Act Plays

   Role Play

  Oratory Skills

Einstein Club

Club activities develop scientific temperament in the students and help them with innovative ideas.


Science & Health Week


Science Dramas


Science Skit


Rally – Conservation of Electricity & Natural     Resources

 Poster Making

Slogan Writing

Mathcraft Club

Club helps in readiness activities for introducing concepts, reinforcement activities to make the concepts clear, recognition activities to discover facts through patterns and fun activities to stimulate thinking.


Abacus Classes

IT Club

Helps in creating techno-savvy students meeting the demands of this competitive world


Web Designing

Power Point Presentations

Quiz Competitions

 The Health Care Centre is functional in collaboration with the Litchi Group. We have well-equipped medical room with a trained nurse. General health check-ups of ENT, Eyes and Dental are  also provided. 

  1. Workshops


The virtual orientation session was organized for the parents due to pandemic. System of Assessment to be followed was explicitly explained. It was brought to their knowledge that assessment of a learner will now include both scholastic and co-scholastic areas with particular reference to attributes such as Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, Sports and Games as well as co-curricular activities. Grades will be alloted to them according to their performance.

Workshop by Cartoon Network

Children showcased roles of various characters of the show Adventure Time. The session ended with a questionnaire.


A workshop was organised for the Science & Commerce students of Class XI and XII. Guidelines on how to crack the entrance exams of IIT – AIEEE, DCE, CPMT etc. were  provided.


KIPS organised a workshop on IT updates. Students were informed of cloud computing, Hacking, Window Movie Maker, Open Software  & Social Media Marketing. 


A workshop to help “Shape Your Career” was organised for the students of Class XI and XII. For Commerce students various career options were provided for instance BBA, BBE, BCA-IT, BMC etc. For Science students IIT – AIEEE, DCE, CPMT etc. were the choices mentioned. Guidelines on how to crack the entrance exams were also provided.


Teachers were guided on how to make innovative & colourful Teaching Aids.


Counseling was done about the psychological problems of the children. Emphasis was also laid on social interaction and importance of good habits and values. Parents were also given a unique ID to keep themselves abreast with their children’s health.

  1. Social Welfare Programmes

A regular feature of the School is  where special endeavour is made to inculcate amongst students a sense of responsibility towards the society by providing large quantities of food, clothing and items of daily use on every 22nd of the month, throughout the year. Contributions are sent to Child Old Blind Home Welfare Society. This year our students extended a helping hand by donating generously  to the Care Promise Welfare Society which provides help  for Cancer, Hepatitis and AIDS patients. They were awarded Gold Medals,  Mementos and reebok watches.

  1. Pre-Primary Section

Our children are offered living education. Our purpose is alluring their interests and affection. Along with verbal and book instruction, we provide material for development through Digital Smart Boards which stimulates their imaginative ability.

Little Angels have their competitions and celebrate all the festivals with great zest.

Nothing can be achieved without cooperation and working together.

Special thanks are due to the parent body. Their constructive & valuable feedback has always been helpful in so many different ways.

Last but not the least, the teachers and the administrative staff of the school deserve a special mention for their consistent diligence, sincereity & devotion with which they continue to persevere zealously in achieving excellence in all respects of learning.